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Trafalgar Last Minute Deals to Europe
Last Minute Deals

Trafalgar’s guided holiday is arguably one of the world's favourite providers of great value holidays to various holiday destinations and hotspots. Founded in 1947, Trafalgar hires only the best Tour Directors in the industry to ensure that when you book a guided tour with us, you will enjoy the perfect holiday. Trafalgar’s guided holidays takes you into the heart of your chosen holidaying country, providing an exclusive perspective on the people, places and history that you will be visiting and experiencing.

And now with Jetabout’s partnership with Trafalgar guided tours, you too can book your very own Trafalgar guided tour to complement your holiday itinerary. Some guided tour destinations by Trafalgar include France (eg. The Treasures of France tour where tourists will visit the historic landing beach of Normandy), England (for instance the English countryside garden tours) and the United States of America (eg. Wonders and Flavours of The Golden State, a California themed tour).

Discover our incredible, limited-time savings across a selection of most popular itineraries. All Last Minute Deals below are Definite Departures.

Space is limited on each departure and these Trafalgar deals won't last – so hurry and book your tours right this instant!

Last Minute Deals to Europe









Grand Europe (Summer 2017) Jun 28 21 Days US$ 4650 US$ 3953 PPLMDE58 EGARFM12 Request for booking
Grand European with Eurostar (Summer 2017) Jun 28 22 Days US$ 4695 US$ 3991 PPLMDE58 EGARM111 Request for booking
Grand Italian Experience (Summer 2017) Jul 13 17 Days US$ 3750 US$ 3188 PPLMDE68 ITGAFM12 Request for booking
Highlights of France and Barcelona (Summer 2017) Jul 21 10 Days US$ 2425 US$ 2134 PPLMDE64 FRSPFM12 Request for booking
Delights of London and Paris (Summer 2017) Jul 22 9 Days US$ 2595 US$ 2206 PPLMDE56 DELPFM12 Request for booking
Best of Italy and Sicily (Summer 2017) Jul 28 15 Days US$ 3425 US$ 2912 PPLMDE70 ITISFM12 Request for booking
Best of Spain (Summer 2017) Jul 28 15 Days US$ 2775 US$ 2359 PPLMDE71 SBESFM12 Request for booking
Bohemian Highlights (Summer 2017) Jul 29 15 Days US$ 2695 US$ 2291 PPLMDE55 CBOHFM12 Request for booking
European Interlude (Summer 2017) Jul 30 15 Days US$ 3625 US$ 3082 PPLMDE60 EINTFM12 Request for booking
European Interlude with Eurostar (Summer 2017) Jul 30 16 Days US$ 4015 US$ 3413 PPLMDE60 EINTFM112  Request for booking
Madrid to Rome (Summer 2017) Aug 05 13 Days US$ 2825 US$ 2402 PPLMDE73 SPROFM12  Request for booking
European Splendour (Summer 2017) Aug 10 11 Days US$ 2650 US$ 2253 PPLMDE61 ESPLFM12  Request for booking
European Wonderland (Summer 2017) Aug 10 11 Days US$ 2695 US$ 2291 PPLMDE62 FSPLFM12  Request for booking
Secrets of France (Summer 2017) Aug 11 10 Days US$ 3250 US$ 2763 PPLMDE65 FSMLFM12 Request for booking
Northern Italy Including Cinque Terre (Summer 2017) Aug 12 9 Days US$ 1825 US$ 1606 PPLMDE66 INORM11  Request for booking
Best of France (Summer 2017) Aug 13 13 Days US$ 2925 US$ 2487 PPLMDE63 FBOFFM12  Request for booking
Italian Glory (Summer 2017) Aug 14 13 Days US$ 3175 US$ 2699 PPLMDE69 ITGLFM12  Request for booking
Best of Devon and Cornwall (Summer 2017) Aug 18 6 Days US$ 1225 US$ 1103 PPLMDE74 BDEVFM12  Request for booking
Capitals of the North (Summer 2017) Aug 20 13 Days US$ 2850 US$ 2423 PPLMDE72 SCRUFM12  Request for booking
European Spotlight (Summer 2017) Aug 23 12 Days US$ 2875 US$ 2444 PPLMDE57 EELEFM12  Request for booking
Great European (Summer 2017) Aug 26 27 Days US$ 5725 US$ 4867 PPLMDE59 EGREFM12  Request for booking
Italian Concerto (Summer 2017) Aug 28 11 Days US$ 2695 US$ 2372 PPLMDE67 ITCOFM12  Request for booking

For more information, please call 02 236 2800 or Email your enquiry to: reservation-bkk@holidaytours.net

* All rates stated above are subject to availability and change.

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